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General Discussion / Re: I thought everybody was wise to that sort of thing.
« Last post by zoony on Yesterday at 11:53:18 PM »
My sympathies..I get it.. but the thing is Bill, we can only supervise ourselves. Fretting about others behaviours, infuriating though they may be, is pointless and detrimental to ourselves. Zen bro, zen.. ( I paid the fine rather than endure the course... ;) )
Feel better now Bill?  ;D

No just seriously sad to be honest Zoon, I was knocked off for doing 34mph in a 30 limit earlier this year. I had to attend a course  (cost 95) to avoid a stamp on my licence. I found the experience diminishing and at times patronising - 2 hours of admonishment by retiring ex traffic cops. The women I refer to, try to tailgate me out of the way. One overtook me on the wrong side of the road on a 'speed hump' last week, only 400 yards from her destination, but somehow they are never caught! We moved nearer to town to avoid exposure to driving a year ago and my wife supports my feelings. :(
The Chat Room / Re: Word Association
« Last post by zoony on Yesterday at 11:26:44 PM »
General Discussion / Re: I thought everybody was wise to that sort of thing.
« Last post by zoony on Yesterday at 11:25:54 PM »
Feel better now Bill?  ;D
Pensioners Issues / Re: 4am Staying In Bed With The Cat Club
« Last post by brian54 on Yesterday at 11:25:40 PM »
My dogs don't get on the bed.They sleep at the bottom or the side of the bed.
They have a look at me a few times in the night by putting their front paws on the bed and they patrol the house a couple of times.
If a disturbance happens eg a taxi going to another house Andy is up like a shot with Peter on his tail. I don't think they can dial 999 yet but no house has ever been burgled since they have been built in 1948. The dogs are doing a very good job.
Have you noticed? You are beginning to repeat yourself, Brian.....
Just thought, I'd mention it.....

I think that Brian like me regards speed limits with respect. Consequently these days I'm constantly tailgated by impatient, disrespectful motorists and I never drive during School drop off/collection times. Here 'mumsnet' specials, driving monstrous 'Jeep' type conveyances are visibly intolerant in their manic dash to get their 'usual' spot near the gates. I expect his posts reflect the times he's experienced such rudeness and derision. For me its an experience every other time I drive nowadays. I hate it and am seriously considering selling my cars next year to escape these pigs.
The Chat Room / Re: Word Association
« Last post by GrannyMac on Yesterday at 11:16:46 PM »
Not me Brian. Thats way out of my league! I think you're the best person to advise her.  You can tell her all about your pension and your house and compare notes. 
General Discussion / Re: Genoa Bridge Collapse
« Last post by Akbuk on Yesterday at 11:10:13 PM »
We have used that bridge a few times and stopped in Genoa once. We go over and under that many bridges that I never give it a thought.
It showed on the news, new brackets and cable but where the bridge had collapsed it was rusty brackets and the cable had not been renewed. Not sure if the work was on going but I assumed it would be...........bridges of that size are all year round maintenance.
Bad day for Italy.
Pensioners Issues / Re: 4am Staying In Bed With The Cat Club
« Last post by Bill Stickers on Yesterday at 11:09:50 PM »

Sleeping with a dog is much better.

Both are wonderful, my late wife and I had Burmese cats and one in particular was a real snuggler. In those days we'd wind up with a dog and one cat on the bed and another inside! Here the two Yorks succeed in pushing me right over to the edge and one of them growls when I try to move her!
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