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useful household tips
« on: Dec 21, 2010, 09:11:49 PM »
Perhaps we all have some useful tips to pass on to others.
Here is one.
About a month ago I got some blood on my best white shirt.
Looked on the internet for ideas on how to get it out.
Lots of chemicals or branded cleaning agents were mentioned .
Then I saw this ...

Soak the area of the clothing in "MILK "

It worked a treat   A light handwash ofter soaking overnight , All traces had disappeared.
Told a few friends and some have reported back . Brilliant tip!
Told our district nurse as well . She said that she could have done with this tip years ago  ;D

It also works well at getting cooking oil off clothing as well.
soak a piece of kitchen roll ( strong type ) or cloth and lay on the area for a couple of hours.

It's something to do with the enzymes in milk breaking down the fats  ???
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