Author Topic: Can you help the Gurkhas?  (Read 1020 times)


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Can you help the Gurkhas?
« on: Oct 11, 2008, 09:20:12 AM »

Over a number of years I have built up and led a national campaign to get British Army Gurkhas a better deal.  Recently, I persuaded Joanna Lumley to join the campaign which has given the whole issue a massive boost – you may have seen some of the media coverage in recent weeks.  In September, the campaign secured a magnificent win in the High Court.  The Judge ruled that the Government’s policy of excluding pre 1997 retired Gurkhas from the right to live in Britain is unlawful.

I believe that many pensioners will have particular understanding of the role that the Gurkhas have played on our national life and the debt we owe them.

The Government now has to rethink.  Our campaign believes that the British people want ALL retired Gurkhas to be treated fairly, irrespective of when they retired.  If you agree with us, I would like to ask if you would help promote on your forum AND – just as importantly, email your friends, colleagues and contacts to do the same.  Please ask them in turn to spread the word and persuade others to sign up.  By this means, we hope to raise a 1 Million signature petition to take to Downing Street within weeks so that  Prime Minister is in no doubt of the will of the British people on this issue.