Author Topic: memories that make us smile,  (Read 1793 times)


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Re: memories that make us smile,
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Given the number if times it must've been up-dated decor and equipment-wise in those 40-odd years they should call it the Trigger's Broom Takeaway..

I reckon you're right Dave. 😀
Comparison is the thief of joy.

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Re: memories that make us smile,
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My late sister had a selection of temporary jobs to make money whilst in limbo because of industrial action. One of them was as a waitress in a small cafe - the uniform (I never actually saw it) was apparently a bit short and she was amused to recount one evening a comment by her boss, an Italian chap whose name I have long forgotten
'Darling, when you bent over to pick up that dropped fork my headache disappeared!'
Nowadays I suppose such a comment would see him incarcerated in the Tower of London at least!
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