Author Topic: my wish , animal christmas presents.  (Read 143 times)


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my wish , animal christmas presents.
« on: Dec 06, 2018, 08:09:24 AM »

Sadly at Christmas time some people either buy, or receive an animal, usually a cat, or a dog, at Christmas time , and afterwards  many not all animals get discarded and dumped in the country side others tied to a lamp post , almost much like a paper bag being dumped anywhere , to let the animal either survive, or sadly meet with a bad ending, dying or being badly neglected and forgotten,  before its had any life at all,

so my Christmas wish is for these animals is that they will  end up being cared for, and loved, given a good home and not used as a piece of garbage or a worn out like a toy when the novelty has run out ,

Q; do you have a Christmas wish if so,    will you share it with us,.
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Re: my wish , animal christmas presents.
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I echo your hope - one of the reasons I donate to the Dogs' Trust - some of their tales are truly heart rending. Just after Christmas 2016 (might have been 2015, time goes so fast) they recounted the tale of a puppy THROWN over the fence of one of their homes in the dead of night, suffering injury in the process, which happily they were able to treat successfully. How can people do such things?
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Re: my wish , animal christmas presents.
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Poor creatures.. and  humans are supposed to be the brainy ones..  :'(
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Re: my wish , animal christmas presents.
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Instead of having an Xmas present, I give the money to whatever animal cause catches my attention.

These are the two I've chosen this year.

"Your donation in support of the Northern Dogs Project will help us provide critical veterinary care for so many dogs in the harsh, cold Canadian winter.
Every day, the IFAW team rescues, protects and cares for animals around the world. Thanks to the support of you and other generous donors, we have projects in more than 40 countries. We truly couldn't do the vital work we do for animals without you."

"Malawi has been at the frontline of human-wildlife conflict.People share food and water sources with elephants, lions and other animals, and when an elephant tramples on a family’s crops, which might be their only food source, this can lead to conflict and sometimes death of both people and elephants.

Donate now and help us provide resources and education that will save animals’ lives and help the people of Malawi.

And when you donate today, your donation will be matched through the Big Give Christmas Challenge."
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Re: my wish , animal christmas presents.
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My wish would be the same as yours Alfred, animals trust us unconditionally and it breaks my heart to read about them being abused or dumped.  Peggy's story haunted me, so my donation went there this year
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