Author Topic: Lost AVC contribution records.  (Read 165 times)


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Lost AVC contribution records.
« on: Mar 19, 2019, 11:24:31 AM »
Was talking to somebody last night who had just retired who had been paying AVC's for the last 25 years.
Fortunately he had kept all his statements but when he retired the company pension department could only find his contribution record for 5 years.
He initially sent copies of his statements covering 25 years and the originals were requested so an investigation could happen.
He then turned around and said he would only produce the originals to a court.
Within a day the pensions department suddenly miraculously found the records of the 25
years. He did complain but the excuse was he changed departments 5 years ago and the records were never transferred.
By the fact the company wanted the original letters I am just wondering if the company was trying it on?.