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Re: A joke ????
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In the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, all the big, tough prisons used to have a hostel within the prison walls.  These inmates went out to work Monday to Friday and had to be back by a set time.  The hostels had facilities for basic meals - breakfast and a light evening meal, plus tea and coffee and they organised their own laundry and shower facilities.  The in-house Probation Service had their admin. in part of the building.   It worked well and the old recidivists loved it obviously.  It was excellent for those who wished to be rehabilitated.  If the inmates had a drink when they were out [forbidden] they had to be sober enough when they returned to be able to pass the gate staff who might/or might not turn a blind eye to a one-off occasion.  Then everything changed and the hostels inside the gates were closed.
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Re: A joke ????
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i still think we should get that American governor over who dressed his inmates
in pink and moved them into tents,then allowed them to watch tv for the thirty mins it took them to eat their lunch and made them graft....
that might even work in Norway...

Yeh, & I think I'm correct in saying the only TV channels were the Disney channels.

The men tried the equality card by saying that there were no female prisoner chain gangs so he started one.

Unfortunately political correctness has reached the USA & some libtard closed it down.
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Re: A joke ????
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that dont make it any less attractive to me pal
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