Author Topic: Pension Policy long time lost.  (Read 636 times)


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Re: Pension Policy long time lost.
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Re: Pension Policy long time lost.
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Anyhow those facts aren't really important, suffice it to say that I paid into it from 1977 at the then rate of 25 a month. The last payment was in 1989 when we sold the house.
Having forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago I have manged to trace it to Aviva from Norwich Union. They have sent me a claim pack and a fund value.
Now given that I paid into it for a total of approx. 12 years at 300 a year I reckoned that it should have stood at 3600 + accrued interest. The value is 335
Yes, Private Pensions make an administration charge. On my Pension it is currently 335 pa.
Fortunately for me I have sufficient funds in the pot to cover the charges and still see an annual growth of %4.

I think you should consider a claim for pension misselling.
Given your contributions there was going to be a long time before the admin fees where covered.

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