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Testing - Generally Pointless Specifically Helpful
« on: Apr 01, 2020, 12:40:33 PM »
I notice the government is responding to Public pressure to ramp up testing - something they'd prefer to not do.

I don't accept the argument for testing.

As I understand it, we have one very unreliable test, a test which only shows positive on people who're infected at the time of the test - incubation and post infectionness and clear don't show anything.
So if you're infected it is straight to quarantine - which is good news for the person because after 10 days they come out of quarantine with immunity (current thinking granted).
But what of everyone else?  They don't know they're immune, in incubation, nor post infection nor clear at the time of the test.
Testing frontline staff reduces the possible chance of someone caring for the ill being an infected carrier, but it does not illiminate it.
For every cohort tested you need a second test to catch the incubating carrier.
But even that does not capture all infected carriers, because a testee could become infected the day after the second test.
Is the uncertainty of outcomes worth the effort expended - I think not.

I believe the government preferred to await the anti-body test (a really useful test) instead it is being pushed into wasteful policy by the public.
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