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a new mattress, much .
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:29:14 AM »
From time to time we have the occasional advert where we are advised to change our bedroom mattress every eight years, and like everything else some mattresses aren't exactly cheap,

so according to different factors where comfort is concerned i think many of us will go that extra pound or three when we think of comfort when we think about sleeping,

so is it necessary to change the mattress especially when, the mattress is no longer smooth, and flat, as the shape changes over time, as we think then about a replacement,

Q ; Do you think the price of some mattresses are costly, when should we change the mattress earlier or later than the advertiser suggest, your replies will make interesting reading ,

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Re: a new mattress, much .
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I bought a mattress from Argos about five years ago because we needed something thinner than our existing mattress so that Veronica could transfer from wheelchair to bed and vice versa - teh existing mattress meant that to get from the wheelchair into bed - using a transfer board - she had to pull herself uphill, and her arms just weren't strong enough. The mattress coped well, but after Veronica died I soon discovered that my side of it was becoming very uncomfortable. Switching to what had been Veronica's side was better but it was clear it was only a matter of time before that deteriorated as well, so I went into 'Dreams' in Perth and tried a number of mattresses after they had introduced me to their 'machine' which ran through a gamut of degrees of firmness until settling on an advised configuration. I ended up buying a Tempur - they advertise in TV - with a ten year guarantee. Ours is a king size bed (I think that's the right name although it is definitely bigger than some other king size beds I have seen - the sheets are 9 feet square. The mattress cost just under 2,000 and has been worth every penny - I've never know so comfortable a mattress in my entire life before.
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