Author Topic: dead mouse - ideas please?  (Read 966 times)

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Re: dead mouse - ideas please?
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The problem I found, as you may have, is you hold the mouse by its tail, by the time you have aimed the hammer and dealt the blow, the mouse has moved. For some reason, under a plank they don't move about. On the other hand you may have come down from the loft covered in blood. I cornered a mouse once in an old house, and kicked it in the head with my steel toe cap. It came out like a fountain about three feet high.


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Re: dead mouse - ideas please?
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Is St. Peter the patron saint of mice?

I assumed the plank was to stop the splash which you certainly get without one when using a hammer. As I was in me skiddies I had to take a shower before returning to bed.


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Re: dead mouse - ideas please?
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The plank serves a dual purpose. With vermin it's very important to find out where they are coming in and stop it, a lesson our government would do well to learn.
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Re: dead mouse - ideas please?
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I've wasted a few quid on cheap 12 keyboards which haven't failed mechanically but where the letters have worn off the keys, which is a problem if, like, me you have to look at the keys when typing.

My current keyboard cost around 40 & the keys are etched & not printed & it's made out of aluminium so it doesn't flex.

Thanks, we've had the results of my wife's Xray which has shown several very small fractures in one area of her lower back. Her ex-husband subjected her to various forms of abuse including sexual, physical & psychological, which have led to her present day issues.

The physical abuse was where he'd push her against a kitchen worktop with the small of her back in line with the sharp edge of the worktop.

Anyway she's now on a course of bone density tablets & has been referred to an orthopaedic consultant.

I'm so sorry to hear of your wife's problems and the abuse she was subjected to. I have a friend who suffered within a similar prognosis (osteoporosis in his case). After the tablets you describe, he wore a bespoke protective cradle (a lightweight girdle about 3mm in density), which the hospital fashioned for him. He still uses it today at times. He was advised his condition was inoperable, as it was progressive and partly genetic they also suspected, but has found great relief from the remedy I've described. His injury was caused and exacerbated through repetitive spinal vibration in his work.