Author Topic: Should 6 year olds get LGBT lessons?  (Read 126 times)


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Re: Should 6 year olds get LGBT lessons?
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the main reason none of us were taught about the gays
was that they were all thrown into prison
then they got into the house of lords then the commons
next it will be compulsory...
please God, harvest me before its my turn in the barrel...
every hill has a down side, even Benny Hill


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Re: Should 6 year olds get LGBT lessons?
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My Mum gave me "the sex talk" when I was about eleven (my Dad was suddenly interested
in something behind the sofa), and said (as I was possibly going to boarding school) that some
boys liked to put their willies up other boys' bottoms.

I remember saying to Mum, "But that would mean they'd get covered in poo."

Need I go further?

For some reason I cannot quite explain, sodomy has never held much appeal for me.

Too much information, too early, never did anyone any good.

At 7 I was fascinated with the Beano and playing "Kiss Chase" with the wee girls at school:
which was "hellishly sexual" insofar as we'd get to kiss a girl (on the cheek!) if we caught her.

NO; sexual behaviour should be left like that: slowly emerging in a relatively harmless fashion
until absolutely necessary.

AND I can quite categorically state that the fact that I did not lose my virginity until I was 23
has never caused me any regret: it happened when I was ready for it, not when someone else pushed me into
a silly decision.
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