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Pension not paid.
« on: Oct 15, 2020, 10:14:06 AM »

I did hear of a similar case to this but I was advised the pensioner was paid benefits which had to be paid back. The amount involved in that case was just over 20,000 and about 14,000 had been paid out in benefits so she got around 6,000.00.
My wife passed away in service and I was given a letter saying I would get her full pension for 5 years and half of her pension after that. Her employers said they would write to me 12 months before it was due to be paid. I did not get a letter.
I phoned her employers and the person said the company had changed it's policy and they were no longer paying widows pensions. I threatened them with legal action and they did pay.


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Re: Pension not paid.
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They make it sound as though this woman only had 11 a week to live on.
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Re: Pension not paid.
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But then, it is a post by Brian of which we ponder
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