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Drunken Chap
« on: Nov 14, 2020, 04:04:43 PM »
A man went to the bar. He's having a good time, having some drinks, all is well. As the night goes on, he keeps drinking and ends up throwing up all over his suit.[/font][/size]"Christ my wife's going to kill me! She's going to know I stayed out all night and got drunk! She told me never to get drunk again or it would be all over between us."His best pal tells him " It's fine, just put a 20 pound note in your shirt pocket and tell your wife some guy here threw up on you, gave you 20 quid to get your suit cleaned. "" Wonderful!" the man shouts, and puts 20 pounds in his pocket.He gets home and as he walks through the door, his wife is standing there really [censored] with him.His wife "You've done it again. I told you if you came back here drunk it's all over. I'm leaving you right now to stay with my mother."He remonstrates with his wife. No you've got it all wrong! While at the pub some guy threw up on my suit and gave me 20 pounds to get it cleaned! "His wife looks in the envelope and discovers 40 pounds there "There are two 20 pound notes in the envelope. what's the second note for?""Yes," says the husband, "the second note is from the guy who shat in my trousers". 8)


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Re: Drunken Chap
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