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Re: Vaccination - maybe.
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My blood tests always show that I have iron deficiency. Although Ive been for numerous tests the reason has never been diagnosed and apparently about 25% of iron deficiency anaemia are never fully explained so I will just plod on with taking iron tablets.
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Re: Vaccination - maybe.
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Coincidentally I had a call from the surgery an hour or so ago enquiring whether I'd be having my flu jab..I asked the young man who was asking, what the procedure was at the surgery and he stammered a little before trying to describe the way a flu jab is given..No, sez I, is there an in-door and an out-door, do I have to wear any PPE?..Yes, you need to wear a mask.. I asked if he could see my history on his screen? We left it at him putting me in the 'undecided' category..

We had our flu jabs at the local library.  The library is closed but there is a big community room in the building which is normally used for activities. 

There was a lady on the door who admitted us one by one.  The nurse gave me my jab and I went out of another door.  It was very quick and efficient.  I did manage to wear a mask for the minute it took.

Paul didn't used to bother with a flu jab - until he caught flu and was flat out in bed for almost a week.  I looked after him and didn't catch it.  He doesn't remember a few of the days.
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