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BBC - Tunnel Vision
« on: Nov 20, 2020, 10:25:53 AM »
Although I tend to support the BBC I am getting fed up with with the tunnel vision approach. Some days the news seems to be only about coronavirus much of which is none news. Then this morning I looked at F1 news and find the first six items are about Lewis. Yes he has equalled Michael Schumacher's records but to me he has never quite matched people like Clark and Senna in getting more out of a car than should be possible.

I would like to hear if Kimi has a drive next year, news on Max and Charles, etc. instead of ramblings on equality, BLM, etc. When Williams had an unbeatable car like Mercedes do now Frank changed drivers rather than put up with prima donna behaviour. But then Toto isn't half the man Frank is! Come on BBC put news in the relevant section and stop repeating yourself like a dodgy vin-de-loo!