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A wrinkly Day out
« on: Oct 02, 2009, 12:52:59 PM »
No strictly Memory lane but I will be there for me.

Last year for my Birthday I got a "Red Letter Day" gift certificate and after much deliberation it was decided that I should purchase a Silverstone experience which involves a session in a single seat racing car. I had some reservations but I was persuaded by 'er indoors and the kids that I should do it. The thought occurred that they were after the inheritance but as life is, at present, rather hum drum I decided to do it anyway.
Now I'm no spring chicken so it was not without some trepidation that last Tuesday, accompanied by Thing1 we arrived at Silverstone.
We watched a session that was in progress and I was impressed by the cars, 1600cc Ford race engines, 0-60 in under 4 secs, governed to a 145mph top speed. The track was the Stowe circuit and at just about a mile has two long straights and a few tight bends.
It began with the 13 participants having a safety briefing, instruction of the cars, handling and the racing line. Then out for introduction to the cars and on a one to one basis the instructors give further briefing and strap you in. I was anxious not to make a complete fool of myself and knew I would be under the critical gaze of Thing1 who would be merciless in his criticism of the old fella.
"Start your engines" and in groups of 4/5 we set off behind a pace car, which gradually speeds up. After half a dozen laps the pace cars peel off and we were racing. What a rush.  I was immediately "in the groove" having got the feel of the car, and passed car after car. Thing1 counted 17 passes , which meant I actually lapped several of the cars. All too soon the chequered flag was out and back to the pits. I was rather surprised to find I had won and had the fastest lap time by some margin.
Thing1 was mightily impressed, which in itself is very satisfying, but for myself I had a great time and proved that there is plenty of life in the old dog yet. For anyone reading this, that fancies a bit of excitement then I can't recommend it high enough.

Although Thing1 is no photographer he did take a few snaps which can be viewed
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