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Re: Immigrants
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 Find the traffickers !!  Shoot everyone of them !! Nah !! No point.. They can be replaced in minutes..

I doubt the  illegals on the shores of France would harm a cop.. They wouldn't like the backlash that the French would dish out..

Dinghies are like buses.. miss one ..  then three come along together..
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Re: Immigrants
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The top n tail is, these people have been allowed to transit right across Europe, with the attitude of, “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”.
The EU hates the word Nationalist BUT those arriving are Hell bent on bringing their own Nationalism with them. Matters not where they’re from, they’re are what they are. They might claim to be something else but for the many, what origin you’re born die with it as well.

If the French shifted them all away from Calais, where would they go? Tents in Paris 😂 They like us & the rest of Europe face the very same battles over deportations.
For everything Orban is reported to be, he played a blinder by (a) closing Hungary’s border (b) by refusing to let those who did get through, register there.

Desperation is one thing, self inflicted desperation is something else.
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