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Mexico and diabetes!
« on: Jun 11, 2024, 11:33:56 AM »
Recent television and radio programmes alsongside other news outlets have highlighted that Mexico has one of the worlds highest number of people who are overweight and who have diabetes in the world. It is reported that purchasing Coca Cola is cheaper than buying bottled water. How has it come to this? My own guess is that American corporate business is over-riding or buying out the Mexican government in its duty to care for its own peoples. This said,I guess the people love the drink and it does bring many jobs: healthcare work,pharmaceutical imports(insulin),transportation jobs,administration work. I wondered over all this whilst trying to work out the cost-benefit-loss of it all to the Mexican people and when I heard that Labour(?)was planning to limit the sale of Monster drinks to only people over the age of 13(?)

Its reported that one Monster drink has the caffeine intake of drinking 10 - 12 cans of Coca Cola. I think the sales of Monster drinks are restricted or banned in France,maybe too,Japan. People have died through the drinks.

I would have it the Monster drinks are poison,but they are liked by some and there is a business model behind them. There's jobs and profits here lads.

I am left wondering if some business models should be banned or heavily regulated against all the jobs that come from their consumption.  Can good - jobs,profits,employment - come from evil: destruction,pain,sorrow,bereavement. Think wars.

We all want to make profit,and want jobs. I was thinking more evil makes more $s than good because it makes for more destruction wherein more intervention and building needs to be employed after its ill. Back to Monster: if more kids became overweight and became diabetic,thats more calls for bereavement counsellors,insulin,kidney transplants,jobs,the lot. Who cares about health when there's so much benefit to be had from making people ill.

Its a condrum and one that's quite complex. Well,for me anyways. Once upon a time there were public water fountains about and or people took out water to drink. Now the fountains have been closed down and new empires have been built on bottled water with throwaway plastics and the like. But all the transportation costs of the transported water and the clean-up fromthe plastic pollutuion all create jobs and work and departments and laws. Simple fountains and homewater arent business creators. Not all filth is bad. Its all sorta complicated,tho I wouldnt recommend drinking Monster drinks meself!