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All our lives we have been fooled into believing sharks are dangerous and will attack humans on sight. What a load of rubbish. Even so my heart was beating quite hard on the first day in the water with sharks and they sensed it. I stayed at the rear of the group trying to put a bit of distance between the sharks and I. This Bull shark which was around 3 metre long spotted me and came to say helo it ignored the rest of the party and we came face to face no more than 4 inches apart. It was very strange but my fear of sharks just vanished at that point in time. As it turned away I notice other divers were pointing at me. I turn to see this magnificent 5 metre long tiger shark 1 metre to my rear. It stayed for a short time for me to have a good look, this was a real privilege because they are quite shy.

The size of the sharks I quoted average sizes because I didn't have a tape measure lol 
Diving among 300 sand tiger sharks was also quite interesting all male as far as I could see.